Internal Medicine

Vitae’s focus is on getting its post-acute patients back to home as quickly and as safely as possible while personally overseeing their physical, cognitive and functional rehabilitation.

Our comprehensive services fill in gaps that benefit the patients, facilities and payors we service, such as providing safer transfers to facilities from hospitals, reducing re-admission(s) for at-risk patients as well as reducing long-term cost to insurance providers by preventing repeat re-hospitalizations. Our certified APRNs work with your therapists and physicians to improve therapy treatment plans by adding in a layer of clinical oversight and capabilities that do not currently exist in most skilled nursing facilities. Furthermore, our APRNs will assist with developing specialized plans of care for your patients, facilitating faster and safer recoveries as well as a more immediate return to home.
Our Nurse Practitioners make what we do possible.

Post Acute facilities being serviced by Vitae APN’s have seen a drastic decrease in all-payer/all-cause 30 day hospital re-admissions. When compared to the rate for patients not cared for by Vitae APN’s, our nurse practitioners have reduced re-admissions by 31 percent.

How it works:

On a provider level, your Vitae APN will fully integrate into your IDT, quickly becoming another member of the facility’s leadership structure while helping with clinical initiatives, including but not limited to: